CoCo Love

Hi Friends! I have a new obsession but first I invite you to trust me as you go out and purchase the best quality jar of coconut oil, yes! And, listen, once it’s in your hand, know that what you’re holding is a miracle worker that has the power to change your life!  I’m not joking, I can’t begin to tell you.  You wouldn’t believe the savings you’ll incur once you become acquainted with one of the Earth’s most magnificent oils that has so many uses, uses I bet you never thought of, I didn’t lol. 

Let me tell ya my experience as of late.

OK, so, I’ve always leaned towards the natural path but for some reason as 2013 approaches its end, my desire to go all the way in every way has heightened.  The more I research alternatives the more I recognize that in nature we have the most powerful gifts.  I’ve always known coconut oil as one of the many pure oils to be an alternative for cooking.  And to be honest, that’s all I’ve used it for on and off. I’ve loved knowing that I’m still gaining the triglyceride benefits even though the oil is heated to high temperatures.  It’s an oil that won’t lose its goodness due to high heat.  What I didn’t know is its benefit to my hair until I was reading an article and then another and another and realized I’ve been missing something.  You see, my hair is natural and for those who don’t understand, as you can see, I’m an Afro-Canadian woman who does not use any chemical treatments on my hair to straighten it. 

 My hair is in its virgin, thick, cottony state and it’s been this way for 15 years.  My only challenge during this time has been an incredibly itchy scalp, so itchy at times it would feel like my scalp is on fire or I wanna just rip my hair out kind of feeling! Through the years I’d style my hair by intertwining braids or the odd weave extension and always blamed the synthetic hair for causing me grief.  And so, I’d spray water on my scalp, oil my scalp with all kinds of products, natural-based but products I’d go out and purchase nonetheless and rely on to the fullest.   When that wore off, I’d begin the regime again.  Then, I stumbled on an article that suggested that oftentimes it’s the products we use that our scalp may very well have an allergy to.  My question was but wait, my products are natural, the shampoo, the conditioner, how could that be?.  I figured, maybe it’s the high heat of my blow dryer causing my hair follicles to cry out.  Then, I read, some of the ingredients that are hidden in the list that can definitely be the culprit i.e. Fragance or Parfum.  Did you know these are just masked word for a combination of chemicals you know nothing about but your scalp does for it reacts oh so uncomfortably.   I also figured that even though my shampoo did not have any unfamiliar words, strictly natural oils, perhaps the combination of so many oils was giving me any allergy too.  So, I concluded let’s try single ingredients, follow a more simpler path.  Here we go.

 I stumbled on the many uses of coconut oil and one suggestion was to use it as a conditioner before washing it.  OK, so, on the day I decided to wash my hair, I did just that.  I bought myself some non-hydrogenated coconut oil.  It liquefied at room temperature which was great otherwise it will just melt in your hands.  I scooped some out in a small contained then into my hand and then onto my incredibly itchy scalp, then roots to the ends.   By the way, I added a few drops of rosemary essential oil because I love the scent and its antibacterial benefits. It’s suggested to let coconut oil absorb for at least an hour but to gain even better results, overnight.  And, that’s what I did.   In keeping with the concept of single ingredients, I had already begun using baking soda powder as my deodorant (that’s another story and miracle worker and money saver!) so I thought, mmm, what about as a shampoo (another future blog).  Yes, baking soda is great as a shampoo topped off with diluted apple cider vinegar as your final conditioning rinse.  No worries, the vinegar is rinsed thoroughly and your hair is odourless and pristine clean!!  This is the path I took.  By the way, during the 12 hours or so my hair was soaking in the oil there was such a calming feeling on my scalp.  It’s as though my hair follicles were say, Haaaaaaaaaa, what a difference! In the shower I conducted a good rinse out of the oil then onto the next steps and by the end, my damp hair looked so shiny!  I re-applied coconut oil to my scalp and hair since it actually absorbs even better when it’s damp.  I patted my hair with a t-shirt (gentler on your hair) I set my blow dryer on a low setting and gently semi-dried my hair and then began to style it in soft, raised china bumps.  I thought it looked beautiful, clean and beautiful.  A few days later, after much exposure to the pre-winter air, itchiness returned and I was like, huh! My hopes and dreams of this miracle worker almost dampened.  A glimmer of hope existed and so, I filled a squirter bottle with h2O, some drops of rosemary essential oil and went to work on my scalp only and then rubbed in some coconut oil and what happened?

 Haaaaaaaa all over again.

 You’ll get the same results, believe me!

 You see, it’s the lauric acid *  present in coconut oil that does the work and once it penetrates, feel the difference.

Friends, I’m so proud to say, I’ve found THE solution to my itchy scalp! An aha moment indeed and I can’t wait to hear your personal stories once you’ve given the above a try.

Move over beauty and cleaning products, coconut oil is in the house and has been for centuries!! Wake up and be changed!!

 Feel free to ask any questions, I’m always happy to share. 

 Thanks for listening!

 Here’s a great read about the MANY, MANY uses of coconut oil: 

 *  Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-protozoa properties.  Coconut oild possesses the most lauric acid more than any other oil on earth!!

**  Be mindful of amounts, why, check here:

*** Indian Women and their hair Secrets!  Coconut Oil is of course one of them





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